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The LEAP HR Life Sciences Searchlight network

Writing a new playbook for life sciences HR

The LEAP HR Life Sciences Searchlight network exists to shine a powerful light across the industry and into the future to help save you and your wider HR team crucial time in getting ahead of the key people and organizational trends you need to know about and be prepared for.

Unlock unrivalled access to hyper-relevant, year-round dialogue with like-sized companies, access the latest ideas from recognized industry thought leaders and plug into an engaged community of genuine peers – all without leaving your desk - via this unique network.

Only LEAP HR Life Sciences Searchlight network members get access to actionable insights to help you and your team apply established best practice, drive innovative thinking, challenge traditional ways of working, and overcome your most critical challenges.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to join the only industry-specific HR network where peers work together to help each other make better decisions with more confidence, get quick answers to their most critical questions, and move forward faster to build bigger, better biopharma businesses.

Life Sciences organizations to have benefited from the Searchlight network include:

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Join pioneering Life Sciences HR teams to:

Save Time & Money
Find crucial short cuts, avoid costly dead ends, and access road-tested resources you can use immediately.

Work Smart, Not Hard
Plug into a ready-made network of peers already working together to tackle the challenges you share.

Make Better Decisions 
Members tell us they are able to make better decisions with more confidence after being part of Searchlight.

Transform HR Team Impact 
Multiply the benefits of being a member by accelerating the development of your entire HR team.

Get Board-Ready Insights 
This network prioritizes industry-specific, future-focused subjects ensuring your finger remains on the pulse.

Network Without the Legwork
Effortlessly build your go-to community of hyper-relevant peers by plugging into Searchlight and gaining access to an on-call directory of thought partners.

The Searchlight network community collaboration platform

Access vital insights and make meaningful connections all year round

community hub

Instant messaging

Contact fellow members using private or group chat features for faster communication.

Member meetups

Accelerate your connection with peers and thought leaders throughout the community at virtual cornerstone meetings and in-person gatherings at Hanson Wade conferences.

Educate your team

Explore and download various materials to share with your team from the library of shared resources, vendors and videos on-demand.

Search by challenge

Each virtual room is dedicated to business-critical HR challenges to ensure you can quickly post your question, access materials, and find your solutions as a collective.

Reacting to pay transparency legislation | 9.3/10 participant feedback score

This reactive meeting provided the Searchlight member community the opportunity to meet with days of the legislation being announced to determine how to respond to a rapidly evolving regulatory environment and benchmark their own approaches with those of their peers. Among the key areas for discussion among a group of almost 40 life sciences companies were what pay ranges other companies were planning on sharing, what companies were planning on communicating to their workforces, and how companies were preparing their people managers for these discussions.

Elevating HR as architects and owners |9.0/10 participant feedback score

This cornerstone meeting provided the HRBPs at Searchlight member companies the opportunity to learn from the CHRO of Moderna what mindsets would they need to leverage in an environment that is rapidly scaling, how to act as co-owner to drive business decisions, and how to shape change initiatives with functional leaders while leveraging HR solutions, among other themes. The session was one of a dozen CHRO mentor led meetings each year which offered participants the chance to listen to best practice, discuss with peers and question the CHRO behind the headlines to get the real story.

Understanding The Impact of AI on HR In Life Sciences Orgs of All Sizes | 9.3/10 participant feedback score

Hosted by Accenture, and following an industry-specific thought leadership presentation, life science HR organizations tackled critical topics in facilitated breakout groups tailored to company size and AI fluency. Among the themes addressed were what is your business’ ambition for AI? Where is your organization currently on the AI journey? How can we build trust and mitigate disruption as well as addressing employee experience and engagement? What is the role of HR at your organization to support the business? And When it comes to AI HR capability, what capability are you building?

Unlock HR excellence with a membership to the LEAP HR Life Sciences Searchlight network

We host more than 35 structured, facilitated, value-adding virtual meetings for the life sciences HR community all year round. These dynamic 60-90-minute sessions are built by the industry, for the industry, focusing on mission-critical subjects and highlighted by Searchlight members. Take part with your team to tackle shared challenges together with your peers.

Member companies are represented by a designated internal advocate who has strategic influence or ownership over their people initiatives and we curate breakout discussions with like-sized companies which guarantees that every conversation is hyper-relevant, valuable and impactful, providing concrete results that members can bring back to their organizations.

Innovation doesn’t happen in isolation

A Searchlight membership delivers meaningful results

Sally Paull


“We’re all consumed a hundred hours a week with the demands of our roles. We just don’t have time to individually build relationships with peers. But one of the reasons Searchlight brings me so much value is because it allows me to work with brilliant people to tackle shared challenges together. I love that I can now pick up the phone and talk to my new network about what’s on my mind whenever I need to.”

Sally Paull, Executive Vice President Human Resources

Stephanie Franklin


“Our long term flexwork strategy has been directly influenced by what we’ve heard our peers doing and thinking about in our Searchlight meetings, and at an even more granular level, we’ve picked up a number of examples of really useful specific language that we’ve heard others coining and applied it directly into our organization. It’s been so useful at such a challenging time for all of us.”

Stephanie Franklin, Chief Human Resources Officer

Dee Olomajeye Dragon


“As a small company, it’s important to get outside our own walls, and the thing I love most about Searchlight is the access to other leaders, and being able to toss around ideas with them, getting advice in real time and working with those who are/have been in similar positions to us who can share their lived advice and offer support. But also the really topical nature of what we discuss, but always in real time."

Dee Olomajeye Dragon, VP People & Culture Strategy

Martin Rexroad

PTC Therapeutics

Searchlight gives me confidence that I’m heading in the right direction. I can use this network to affirm I’m on track and course correct where I need to. And just like a GPS, you don’t look at it the whole time when you’re driving, you check it from time to time. I don’t need a hundred thousand data points. I need the top thinkers in my industry, and those top thinkers have gravitated towards  Searchlight.”

Martin Rexroad, Chief Culture Officer



LEAP HR Life Sciences Searchlight is recognised by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to offer Professional Development Credits (PDCs) for the SHRM-CPSM or SHRM-SCPSM.