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Who We Are

In Spring 2020, a pioneering group of life sciences people leaders decided that trying to work out how to respond to the people challenges presented by the pandemic in isolation just wasn’t an effective use of their time.   

Given the fact that everyone was facing the same challenges, they quickly realised it made much more sense to work together with their peers throughout the year to tackle the challenges they shared. This is why Searchlight was created.  

It wasn’t enough for them to just be part of a tactical email list or rely on their existing ‘speed-dial’ network. This group recognised that they were also being presented with once-in-a-generation opportunity to rethink the way HR is done in life sciences in a post-pandemic world.  

Whether it’s ever-present challenges like those of rapid scale, cultural evolution or doing more with less, or emerging issues like pay transparency, next-generation leadership development or AI, there’s a never-ending list of challenges coming around the corner that we need to be prepared for.  

Searchlight has been created by the industry, for the industry to provide the most proactive, future-focused life sciences organizations with a structured, strategic, year round opportunity to get the whole HR organization to inspired, energized and ready for action.   

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Our World-Class Team

The LEAP HR Life Sciences Searchlight team is dedicated to ensuring you, and your team, can discover powerful ways to drive organizational change, future-proof your skillsets and supercharge learning and development.  With curated curriculums specifically crafted for each member of your HR team, it has never been easier to level up departmental skillset to move beyond current roles and into a place where you can have true impact on the future of your organization. We are the LEAP HR Life Sciences Searchlight team, and we’re delighted to meet you!

Gareth Pearce

Gareth Pearce
Managing Director

Gareth established and is responsible for developing the strategic direction of the Searchlight business within Hanson Wade, ensuring continues to add demonstrable value to every member as it scales. Gareth has successfully built and grown information businesses in the US, Europe, Asia and the Middle East during a 20 year entrepreneurial career. He holds a first class degree in Politics and earned a postgraduate Certificate in International Business Practice from the Mountbatten Institute in New York.

James Milburn

James Milburn
Head of Member Value Delivery

James’s life sciences experience begin by helping key opinion leaders network and share ideas around the application of cutting-edge technology, the pursuit of novel pharmacochemical pathways and the development of new drug modalities. Prior to Hanson Wade, James completed an undergraduate degree in Biomedical Sciences and followed this up with an MSc in Human Nutrition. In his free time, he enjoys endurance running and all types of outdoor activities.

Karolina Hasiec

Karolina Hasiec
Community Development Manager

Karolina is dedicated to delivering year-round insights and connections to Searchlight members. She is excited to identify and apply the recent learnings to reimagine the institutions, policies, and tools we use across the Life Sciences to address global health needs for all. Prior to joining the Searchlight Networks team, Karolina completed an MSc in Applied Neuroscience and followed this up with a Neuroimaging course. In her free time, she trains boxing and enjoys playing volleyball.

Adam Daly

Adam Daly
Network Development Manager

As the Searchlight groups seek new members who share the same forward-thinking mindset, Adam is responsible for facilitating new memberships. Adam achieved his undergraduate degree in Environmental Sciences at Newcastle University, before he started his journey at Hanson Wade in Delegate Sales. Adam wanted to help grow and expand the Network with members dedicated to helping each other, this is what drew him to work in the Searchlight Team.

Charlotte headshot

Charlotte Harrison
Senior Marketing Manager

Biography coming soon...