Long-term Workforce Planning: A Deep Dive into New-age Strategies

Long-term Workforce Planning

Shifting Gears: From Qualifications to Potential In a world where the job market is continuously evolving, TA leaders are tasked with the challenge of assessing and developing the skills of the present workforce while ensuring flexibility and agility. The recent LEAP TA Searchlight Network workshop was an eye-opener in this context. Celine Raffray, the Vice…Read more

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Enhancing Commercial Acumen in HR: Insights from the LEAP HRBP Searchlight Academy Workshop

Commercial Acumen

Tapping into Biopharma Trends with Karen Lewis Karen Lewis, the Chief People Officer at Apellis Pharmaceuticals, brought her 20 years of experience to the table at the LEAP HRBP Searchlight Academy workshop. Having held significant leadership roles at industry giants such as Biogen, BMS, and Amazon, Lewis was the perfect speaker to discuss ‘Building Commercial…Read more

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