Talent Acquisition Workshop

Bring Your EVP to Life & Effectively Communicate it to Create a Compelling & Attractive Employer Brand

What: A virtual workshop for TAs, led by and designed with Life Sciences CHROs. Hosted by the LEAP HR: Life Sciences Searchlight network.

  • Date: This meeting ran on Thursday, February 1st
  • Meeting Contributors: Erin Krolikiewicz, Global Head of Precision Talent Management and Executive Scouting

Topic: How do we bring your EVP to life and communicate it effectively to create a compelling and attractive employer brand?

This workshop session delved into innovative methods and channels that effectively reach every team, ensuring your message resonates throughout your organization and explored non-traditional approaches to showcase your EVP, tailored to attract candidates from diverse backgrounds.

Attendees gained insights into measuring the success of branding strategies and learned to pinpoint the specific data that accurately assesses your impact in attracting the ideal candidates.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand how to leverage data to cultivate a sense of purpose, and unleash the power of employer branding
  2. Explore how you can utilize EVP throughout the hiring process to attract diverse candidates
  3. Discover how to shift focus from traditional benefits to a more comprehensive EVP including around employee well-being