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What: A virtual workshop, senior level only. No fee to register your interest and attend the meeting. Please be aware this is part of a subscription solution.

📆 Date: September, Thursday 21

🕚 Time: 11:00am – 12:30pm EDT

Duration: 90 minutes

Topic: Defining, Building and Accentuating a Sustainable Culture that Evolves and Thrives Through Uncertainty


Ross Grossman, Ex-CHRO of Regeneron and Aaron Falcione, CHRO, Organon

As a biotech grows and new remote or hybrid working environments result in less in-person interactions, it can be difficult to keep a gauge on the office culture.  

It’s an ongoing challenge for HR leaders to define, communicate and be deliberate about accentuating the aspects of the culture that makes each organization so special.  

The upcoming LEAP CHRO Searchlight cornerstone meeting will bring CHROs from a range of life sciences organizations together to learn strategies on how to purposefully evolve and develop their culture to effortlessly hold onto the greatest aspects that makes them unique, how to tie it into all aspects of communication and embody it from the C-suite to the shop floor.

In attending this workshop you will:

  • Hear from two experts who started a culture-first mindset and have reaped the benefits in employee engagement and a productive workforce.
  • Develop strategies for understanding the nuts and bolts of your own culture to accentuate through hiring requirements, manager embodiment and communication. 
  • Undertake blue sky thinking about how you can engage with emerging technologies to enhance new aspects of your culture and embrace a new working world and employee offering. 

You will walk away from this meeting with new ideas on how to: 

  1. Define, highlight and measure organizational culture
  2. Explore traits and behaviours in new talent that translate into cultural tenants 
  3. Accentuate these cultural characteristics in current employees
  4. Ensure management own and drive the culture themselves
  5. Understand how the use of emerging technologies translate the best parts of our culture

Why: The event is driven by interaction between participants and promotes candid exchange of information between companies. Only senior-level execs are invited. You will make high-quality new connections and learn from peers about best practice.

Audience: CHROs from across the Life Sciences Industry

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