How Searchlight Meetings Work

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Facilitated Dialogue Around Mission-Critical Issues

Each month, between three and four 60 to 90 minute cornerstones take place with a goal of connecting, inspiring and energising different content cohorts within the Searchlight community, covering your strategic HR, TA, BP and TR team members.

Meeting subjects are influenced by the membership and designed and facilitated by the network strategic advisory board, with key takeaways being shared on the community hub afterwards.


During the Meeting:

The Situation:

15 Minutes

Members listen to an introductory case study from a life sciences HR thought leader/mentor which addresses a key business problem HR leaders routinely face, and which we’ll aim to provide answers to.

The Discussion

45 Minutes

Participants break out into working groups containing the most relevant members (grouped by company size) to challenge each other and develop their ideas whilst coaching each other to think differently.

The Action

30 Minutes

Members return to the main plenary to share their groups’ key takeaways as the mentor isolates the most actionable strategies and provides a Q&A opportunity for further tactical and strategic questions.

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Among the Themes We’ve Either Addressed or Are Planning on Addressing in Future Cornerstones:


For Strategic HR Leaders:

  • Next generation organization design for life sciences companies of all sizes
  • What radical thinking do we need to apply in HR to transform our impact?
  • Future-proofing hybrid leadership development in a next-gen life sciences org
  • Understanding the impact of AI in HR for life sciences companies at any stage
  • Ensuring our culture remains fit-for-purpose through rapid change or scale
  • Managing the implications of multi-generational diversity in life sciences

For Talent Acquisition Specialists:

  • Practical solutions to allow us to increase the diversity of candidate pools
  • New ways to turn talent acquisition data into better talent acquisition decisions
  • Next generation workforce planning for the life sciences org of the future
  • Low cost, high impact ways to transform TA effectiveness in your organization
  • Transforming the candidate experience to give you a competitive advantage
  • Scaling TA and transforming impact in life sciences organzations of all sizes

For Total Rewards Practitioners:

  • What’s doing most to help us turn compensation into a competitive advantage?
  • How can we more effectively challenge traditional thinking around TR in LS?
  • Practical steps we are taking to respond to recent pay transparency regulations
  • Which total rewards programs are adding most value in our orgs right now?
  • How can we best educate our employees on the range of TR offerings we provide?
  • What new hybrid workforce compensation strategies are having most impact?

For HR Business Partners:

  • How we can build commercial acumen faster for HRBP rising stars
  • What practical steps we can take to ensure HRBPs influence without authority
  • Practical steps to make next generation leadership development a reality
  • Redefining our role in HR as architects and owners of business growth
  • How we can practically build new skills to thrive in the HR org of the future