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Searchlight Workshops

BP_HR Workshop_ April 17
  • Date: Wednesday, April 17
  • Curated for: Life Sciences Strategic HR Leaders & HR Business Partners
  • Topic: Creating a competitive edge through a world-class employee experience
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Understanding the dynamic nature of employee experience and the internal and external factors that shape it
    • Getting to grips with challenges posed by political instability and economic pressures which can affect employee morale and perception of the organization
    • Aligning the employee experience with changing customer demands, particularly in the context of post-COVID preferences for digital and seamless interactions
AI Webinar_ April 25
  • Date: Thursday, April 25
  • Curated for: Life Sciences Strategic HR Leaders
  • Topic: Activating AI in Life Sciences HR interactive deep dive: Context/goal/level setting
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Take a deep dive into the world of generative AI as seen through a life sciences industry lens when compared to how other industries are embracing it
    • Double click into the implications of this on HR and discover what parts of the life sciences workforce are most likely to be affected and in what ways
    • Share your own experiences, priorities, challenges and questions with the group to get a sense as to where you are compared to your industry peers
  • Date: Thursday, April 11
  • Curated for: Life Sciences Strategic HR Leaders
  • Topic: Emerging biopharma coffee connect facilitated meeting
  • Key Takeaways:
    • What are the biggest challenges, strategic questions or stubborn problems you are currently facing which you’d benefit from input from your peers to help solve?
    • Bring it to the coffee connect session, and we’ll ensure you’ve get input from similar sized companies who may have faced similar challenges in the past
    • The informal, semi-structured nature of the session is designed to allow candid exchange of experiences and opinions in a safe space of hyper-relevant peers
  • Date: Tuesday, April 2
  • Curated for: Life Sciences Total Rewards Leaders
  • Topic: How can we create a total rewards strategy fit for purpose given our increasingly hybrid workforces?
  • Key Takeaways:
    • What is the latest thinking around how we approach total rewards for an employee population which combines fully onsite, fully remote and hybrid personnel?
    • How are we assessing and addressing pay inequity across different geographies in our organizations?
    • What are we doing to ensure equality of access to employee benefits for our people, wherever they are based?
  • Date: Thursday, March 28
  • Curated for: Life Sciences Talent Acquisition Leaders
  • Topic: Leveraging Data for More Effective Talent Acquisition: What Recruitment Metrics Are Driving Smarter Decision-Making Now And What Do We Expect To Emerge In The Future?
  • Key Takeaways:
    • Find out how other organizations are currently leveraging data to identify trends and gain insights that are informing strategic decision-making
    • Discover best practices for responding to evolving industry trends and leveraging data-driven approaches to stay ahead of the curve in talent acquisition
    • Identify which metrics that we aren’t currently measuring (or have only just begun measuring) will be most critical in informing effective future decisions
  • Date: Thursday, March 21
  • Curated for: Life Sciences HR Business Partners
  • Topic: CHRO Q&A: 3 key habits of effective Life Science HRBPs
  • Key Takeaways: A valuable opportunity to gain guidance from senior thought leaders regarding the key challenges they routinely face and ask questions related to tactical and strategic matters to benefit from the experts' insights and experience.
    • Habit 1: Balancing the strategic and the operational elements of the HRBP role
    • Habit 2: Effective prioritization in a fast-paced environment
    • Habit 3: Using the language of drug discovery to increase our influence
  • Date: Tuesday, February 27th
  • Curated for: Life Sciences Total Rewards Leaders
  • Topic: Low Cost, High Impact TR Strategies for the Life Sciences Industry
  • Key Takeaways:
  1. Learn from other TR leaders about their most cost-effective implemented/to-be implemented strategies
  2. Leverage insights on peers’ past mistakes and data to make future decisions with more confidence
  3. Test and explore alternative Comp&Ben offerings to remain competitive and engaging with current and future employees
  • Date: Thursday, February 22nd
  • Curated for: Life Sciences HR Business Partners
  • Topic: How can we hold onto, and develop, our culture during uncertainty and times of change
  • Session Leader: Chris Taitague, Global People & Culture Lead, M&A from Roche

During business transformations and times of change, there is often a tendency to focus solely on the desired business outcomes without adequately considering the cultural impact, emphasizing the need for attention and intention to address and align cultural elements with the overall transformation goals.

The intention of Chris’s presentation is to highlight the relevance and significance of ensuring that the potential benefits of the transformation are not lost or neglected.

Bring Your EVP to Life & Effectively Communicate it to Create a Compelling & Attractive Employer Brand

Date: Thursday, February 1st  |  Workshop Leader: Erin Krolikiewicz, Global Head of Precision Talent Management and Executive Scouting, Novartis

Topic: How do we bring your EVP to life and communicate it effectively to create a compelling and attractive employer brand?

Key Takeaways:

  1. Understand how to leverage data to cultivate a sense of purpose, and unleash the power of employer branding
  2. Explore how you can utilize EVP throughout the hiring process to attract diverse candidates
  3. Discover how to shift focus from traditional benefits to a more comprehensive EVP including around employee well-being

Peer Exchange: Coffee Connect for the HRBP Cohort

Date: Thursday, January 18

What bold, strategic goals do you want to achieve through your HR organization this year and what hurdles will you need to overcome to achieve them?

Date: Thursday, January 25 

Topic: What bold, strategic goals do you want to achieve through your HR organization this year and what hurdles will you need to overcome to achieve them?